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Here is a fact and no confession has to be made, we men enjoy looking at women. Popularly known as girl watching, it is an activity that I believe will never die. Women, whether on purpose or not, have the ability to draw and dominate a man’s attention and/or thinking.

Women don’t attract with their looks only, it could be their femininity, intelligence or style that charges the imagination of the male mind. No matter which way, we (men) will never get tired of looking, inter-mingling, exchanging, engaging and embracing the total ambiance that is brought by womanhood.

I wrote this book based on pure observations and conversational examinations. My poetic juices were stirred to a fascinating and complete delight! This deliberate mission has been both a treat and a challenge. My own thoughts were driven countless times to perilous edges and dangerous peaks. I found myself being easily enchanted and even toyed with by some of the woman I interviewed. I also found myself demanding to enjoy women, each woman, beyond the physical. I pushed forward and found myself bathing and even floundering some times in their sweet streams. I did ask God to help me seek after inner beauty.

​I asked him to help me know a kindred spirit that exposes the soul. He answered my prayers and lifted my words to see beyond the flesh. I was allowed not only to see the bodies of women, but to observe and examine their minds. In the course of this process, I believe I became a better man. I would like to thank each woman (you know who you are), that took a moment to talk to me. I know for a fact that my time on earth has been made fuller and more beautiful because of you.

This book is dedicated to:

Over 25,000 women who have talked to me for just a few minutes or a couple of hours, you have affected me in ways that contribute to my understanding of life. You came into my world in all shapes and sizes; I have listened to your voices, I thank you for letting me listen to your voices. “I am coming again to see you woman. This time come forth with your ointments and salve my body from head to toe. This time, show me the better side of your domain, I need to believe, I have got to believe in you.  Tattered and torn I am here. Can you hear me?”

Books & an assortment of ROMANTIC things

by mark Anthony hall

Have you every wondered why cards and personally written letters are so popular? The reason is very simple, people love to receive them. Nothing says, “I care” more than the thought that someone took the time and energy to communicate to them.

When we are loved, cards and letters should be expected, especially when we have special events and birthdays. However, the simple “I Love You” card or letter goes a long way. We love to read soft and delicate words more than ever, when goodwill is expressed and directed toward us. The whole ambiance of a surprise wrapped in an envelope, raises our romantic heartbeats several tender pumps per minute everytime.

One thing that we love about written letters and notes, is that we get to role play what the writer is saying. We get to hear the person speaking to us in the tones and nuances we want to hear over and over. Cards, letters and memos can be better than phone calls and direct communications. In reality, they serve as surrogates and ambassadors, presenting our messages in the most positve light possible. Sometimes kindness read is better than kindness spoken. The receiver of our notes get to take their time, as they digest the dear and tasty words that have been sent to them.

How many times have we sent a card and proudly answered the phone when our lover called to thank us? Communication breeds communication, and when the communication is good, the moments of life are better. We tend to be thrilled to know that someone is happy about us. Smiles, laughter and joy issue chemicals in our bodies that heal us and we love to be healed.

Those who are in the business of making and writing greeting cards, make millions and millions of dollars helping us express ourselves. These producers have their place, but I bet if we wrote our own words, the impact would be life changing. Our loved ones deserve a “straight from the heart” and hand written note from us from time to time. These notes become “Love Letters” that they will relish for a lifetime.

We can be and will stay very popular to our loved ones, because of our writing efforts. We can say, “I care” in strong and passionately written words, designed to live in their hearts forever. So let’s get writing, our lovers can’t wait! They will always be surprised when they receive romantic cards, memos and notes, our own Love Letters written from our souls.

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