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Hi and hello! My name is Mark Anthony Hall. It is my sincere pleasure to welcome you and all true romantics to MarkAnthonyRomance.com! If you love reading romantically sensitive words and listening to passionately spoken poetry and prose, you have come to the right place. All of my life, I have been blessed to see the beauty of the romantic reality and the romantic potential in the hearts of everyone that I have met. I would like to invite you to take a moment and listen to the romantic readings that I have made available on this site.  If you enjoy reading romance via kindle, cellphones or by tablets, just click the Amazon.com link and download your romantic pleasures! Once again, I thank you for visiting my website. I pray that your romantic mind will be fed by words and thoughts generated by love and all that it has to offer!

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Mark Anthony Hall, Mark Anthony Hall, Mark Anthony Hall, you continue to amaze me! I met you and purchased one of your books five years ago. I am so glad that now I can hear your charming voice, along with the words that I allow to enter into my mind. - Stephanie W.

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Mark Anthony Hall Author's Profile


Mr. Hall, YES! The ladies in Louisiana love to hear your slow jams. You are unique and wonderful! Our group was totally captured by your voice and your romantic style! - Gail H.

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Mark Anthony Hall

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You are a mystery revealed and  a romantic wonder! 

Your romantic mind

is a refreshing

and surprising phenomenon 

worth taking

note of.

Just be you.

Dear Mark Anthony Hall, I have never experienced anything like this before in my life! Your words run deep, they touch my soul! - Cathy S.

Saying, "I Love You" brings me peace.